Certified Energy Manager®

The Certified Energy Manager Certification

The Certified Energy Manager is an individual who optimizes the energy performance of a facility, building or industrial plant.  The CEM® is a systems integrator for electrical, mechanical, process and building infrastructure, analyzing the optimum solutions to reduce energy consumption in a cost effective approach.  CEM’s are often team leaders and help to develop and implement their organizations’ energy management strategies.  CEM’s have gained increased recognition within the energy industry and by companies looking to strengthen their competitive position by having a CEM on staff.

  • To raise the professional standards of those engaged in energy management.
  • To improve the practice of energy management by encouraging energy managers in a continuing program of professional development.
  • To identify persons with acceptable knowledge of the principles and practices of energy management related disciplines and laws governing and affecting energy managers through completing an examination and fulfilling prescribed standards of performance and conduct.
  • To award special recognition to those energy managers who have demonstrated a high level of competence and ethical fitness for energy management.

Energy managers with onethe following prerequisites may apply to sit for exam:

  •  A Four-Year Engineering or Architecturedegreeor P.E. or R.A. (or equivalent) with at least three years of experience in energy engineering/management
  • A Four-Year Business or related degree (or equivalent) with at least five years of experience in energy engineering/management
  • A Two-Year Technical Degree (or equivalent) with eight years of experience in energy engineering/management
  • Ten years or more verified experience inenergy engineering/management

The effective practice of energy management requires in-depth knowledge of a wide variety of subjects.  All applicants must take a required approved preparatory seminar before sitting for the certification exam.  For certification purposes, however, the candidate must also demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Certification Board the knowledge and ability to apply the essentials of energy management.