WEEC 41: AEE Tunisia rewarded

The Association of Energy Engineers.  The AEE Tunisian Chapter have been rewarded  in Charlotte North Carolina this October during the The WEEC 41 (World Energy Engineering Congress). The WEEC is an international energy industry conference and exposition hosted annually by the Association of Energy Engineers.

The Tunisian Chapter received the following awards:


2018 Best Chapter Newsletter

The Tunisian Chapter will be rewarded for the March Newsletter (you can find here the French Version) which was talking about the opening ceremony, The International Conference on Accelerating the Implementation of Renewable Energy Projects that took place on december and discussing the Tunisian Energy Future by presenting the first CEM Session in North Africa.

2018 Best Chapter Conference / Expo

The Tunisian Chapter will also receive a reward for the Opening Ceremony of the AEE Tunisian Chapter. This Ceremony took place on the 20th January 2018 and gathered guests representing all the major actors in the field of energy from all over the world.

It included the Official opening of AEE Tunisia Chapter and our special guests also presented their knowledge and experiences in the energy field. Then, they animated round tables and presentations of renewable energy Technology.
After that, The Energy Awards recognized successful Tunisian actors in the energy field through 9 prizes.
A Dinner Jazz Night finally concluded the Opening Ceremony .

AEE Tunisia Opening Ceremony


Best Regional ME corporate management: SITEX

After winning the Tunisian Award for Corporate Energy Management, SITEX has been nominated for the Best Regional ME Corporate Manageòent Award at the WEEC 41.

Recently, SITEX invested in a cogeneration unit that allowed us to generate electricity and exploit the heat generated by the engines to generate steam. Then, in application of the decree related to electrical energy transportation we were allowed to transport electricity to our factory in Sousse through the network of the STEG, as well as our water treatment plant waste. This strategy allowed us to cover our energy needs and to sell the surplus to STEG.

We have also optimized our investment by implementing innovative solutions that use hot water from engine cooling in our dyeing processes. We have also exploited this energy for boiler feed water heating which greatly reduces the cost of generating steam. In addition, we had the idea to optimize the combustion for the gas boilers by feeding them with hot air coming from heating batteries connected directly to water recovery. In the same way, we exploited hot water from cogeneration in the sanitary blocks.

We have also developed our own remote boiler management solution to control and optimize boiler performance and detect leaks on all pipes.”

Investment : 6 200 000 DT
Yearly earnings : 2 300 000 DT
National Savings : 2 560 Tep / Year
Government earnings  : 1 000 000 DT / Year
CO2 reduce : 6 360 T/ Year


Best Young Energy Professional in Canada Toronto

Nasereddine Guerfala: CEM, CMVP, MAsc, MBA

A highly accomplished leader in the energy management and sustainability driven by the goal of reducing energy use and CO2 emissions to fight climate change.

A strong professional and technical background with an emphasis on energy efficiency and process improvement projects.