First Certified Energy Manager CEM® Session 23th June 2018

The first Certified Energy Manager CEM® session in North Africa organized by AEE TUNISIA CHAPTER took place from 18th to 23th June in Hammamet and brought together around twenty participants.

This Training Seminar implemented by AEE International aims the following:

  • Raising the professional standards of those engaged in energy management;
  • Improving the practice of energy management by encouraging energy managers in a continuing program of professional development;
  • Identifying persons with acceptable knowledge of the principals and practices of energy management related disciplines and laws governing and affecting energy managers through completing an examination and fulfilling prescribed standards of
    performance and conduct;
  • To award special recognition to those energy managers who have demonstrated a high level of competence and ethical fitness for energy management

Development of the CEM® Seminar

In order to make the first CEM® session a real success, a Team from AEE Tunisia Chapter ensured several 1-Day meetings during March, April and May (see CEM Infosession) 2018 to:

  • Meet with key stakeholders in the public sector, private sector and civil society organizations to discuss the development of the CEM® Seminar and specifically the course content and curriculum, learning objectives of the course and proposed participants;
  • Agree on timelines as well as location for the delivery of the training program.

Conduct of the Seminar

The CEM seminar took place on 18-23 June 2018 at the Laico Hotel ( five stars hotel) in Hammamet City, around 60 kilometers of the capital Tunis.

Seminar Team

Cristine Soler trainer of first CEM® Session in tunisia

Christine Solar trainer of the CEM Session

The members of the Seminar were:

  • Christine Solar: The Instructor, an Energy Efficiency Expert, Engineer and CEM® trainer from Spain Chapter;
  • Sameh Bouriga: The Proctor; MSE-production management, Engineer and PECO’s Cofounder and Training Manager.
  • Ayoub Baba, Maissa Trad,: AEE TN Steering Committee;
  • Wissem Sliti and Hasna Hfaiedh: AEE TN Media Committee;


Twenty three (23) participants working on behalf of renowned organization and enterprises, such as GIZ and STEG attended the Seminar.

All CEM candidates have satisfied one of the following eligibility criteria:
– 4 years of Engineering/Architectural degree OR Professional Engineer (PE) OR Registered Architect (RA) AND at least 3 years related experience;
– 4 years degree in Technology, Environmental Science, Physics OR Earth Science AND at least 4 years related experience;
– 4 years degree in Business OR related field AND at least 5 years related experience;
– 2 years Energy Management associate degree AND at least 6 years related experience;
– 2 years associate degree AND at least 8 years related experience;
– No degree AND at least 10 years related experience.

CEM® Training Workshop

The course was delivered over the period June 18 to 23, 2018.
Total number of candidates who successfully completed the CEM Seminar was 21.

Delivery Methodologies 

All participants were provided with a Training Manual, the Comprehensive CEM® Workbook
and the Guide to Energy Management Handbook.Training Manual, the Comprehensive CEM® Workbook and the Guide to Energy Management Handbook provided to participants
A variety of learning delivery was employed, in an attempt to enable the course to be participatory and interactive and to allow participants to effectively assimilate the new ideas and learning. Importantly, emphasis was placed on learning methodologies and over the duration of the course there were a combination of:
• Lectures;
• Analysis of Case studies and class discussions of illustrative case studies;
• Group Discussions;
• Individual and group work/assignments;
• Oral and written presentations.

The last day, and after the CEM® exam, a certificate of participation was given for each participant.