CEM Info Session 25th March 2018

The Association of Energy Engineers Tunisia Chapter organized on Sunday 25th March 2018 in Tunis an info session on the Certified Energy Manager (CEM).

The event gathered eminent experts in the energy fields, academics and students who came to enrich a fruitful debate on the importance of Certified Energy Manager in their professional career in addition to information about the way to join the CEM process and the guidelines of the certification in order to succeed in the CEM examination for the benefit of the energy engineer as an individual and for the national community.

The impact of this certification is not only fruitful for the energy engineers but also for the Tunisian nation as an emerging country in the area of renewable and greener energy.

President of AEE Ayoub Baba said the Certification of Energy Manager helps the energy engineer to optimize the energy performance in different sectors of energy industry.

The Certified Energy Managers thus become team leaders able to develop and implement their companies’ energy management strategies since they gain increased knowledge within the energy industry, Ayoub Baba added.

Among the objective of the Energy manager certification is to raise the professional standards of energy management and improve its practice, he asserted.

In this connection, Ayoub Baba said that the CEM candidate must submit a CEM certification application and attend a preparatory CEM training seminar conducted by an approved trainer to pass an open book examination.

The info session was enhanced by the testimony of Nasreddine Guerfala who went through the CEM experience in Canada. He is an Optimization and Energy Manager at Enwave Energy Corporation in Canada.

Guerfala is a highly accomplished leader in the energy management and sustainability fields driven by the goal of reducing energy use and CO2 emissions to fight climate change. He is also a professional with a technical background and an emphasis on energy efficiency and process improvement projects.

Nasreddine Guerfala is a strategic thinker, demonstrated through multiple project successes, working from idea to planning and implementation fluidly.

During the info session, Guerfala spoke through video Skype about his own experience as regards the Certified Energy Manager giving advices to the Tunisian engineers attending the gathering on the seriousness of the CEM. He told them to work hard during the training before the examination so as to be able to go through this unique experience successfully.

Guerfala highlighted the CEM as being an award to energy managers who demonstrate a high level of competence for energy management.


Source: http://tunisianmonitoronline.com/index.php/2018/03/26/aee-tunisia-chapter-organizes-info-session-on-cem/