Our Awards  program recognizes successful individuals and companies in the energy field through 9 prizes. The winners are recognized in the publications of our chapter and represent our subsidiary in regional and international competitions organized by the parent association at the World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC).

Energy Engineer of the year

Oumeima AYEDI
Position: Projects Engineer
Company: Clarke Energy

This price is presented to an individual for outstanding accomplishments in promoting the practices, principles and procedures of energy engineering, and for superior service to the Association.

Oumeima is an energy engineer who has several skills that enabled her to manage two of Clarke Energy potential projects in all their aspects. She manages to carry out the technical sides while at the same time respecting the defined planning and bringing off the communication with the clients and the sub-contractors.

Energy Manager of the year

Position: Energy plant manager
Company: Delice Danone
Certifications: ISO 50001 In Progress

The Energy Manager Of The Year awards an individual for outstanding accomplishments in promoting the practices, principles of energy management and development, and for superior service to the Association. Usually awarded to a corporate director of energy or energy manager performing duties for an industrial firm, or building owner/manager.

“I set up several projects of energy efficiency in the company which made it possible to reduce the costs, I implemented a transversal energy management system according to the requirement of ISO 50001 which made possible to fix KPI objectives by zone, with a shop floor periodic reporting allowing to detect and limit drifts. CHP project implementation in progress and BioGaz project implementation in progress”

Women in Energy Award

Dalila AMMAR
Position: Engineer Consultant Energy Efficiency and climate change
Company: BCE
Certifications: ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS (EnMS) Auditor/Lead Auditor

Presented for a female owned or led company delivering products or services in the energy industry.
This award introduced to give recognition and advance the special role played by a female in leading a project in relation to a company, energy services company or in their role as Energy manager or professional.

“Principal achievements that makes me proud :
– 3% energy saving done by a cement that I made the action plan and assist in the achievements of the projects . The result was confirmed by ANME the National Agency of Energy Efficiency Tunisia
– Assistance of the hotel the RUSSELIOR during the renew study phase helped in saving 45% and made him win a presidential price 2009.”

Energy Innovator of the year

Zaafouri Kaouther

Position: CEO and Founder
Zaafouri International Consulting – Environment & Bioenergy / Start-up En-ZAAF

Dr. Msc. Eng. Kaouther ZAAFOURI is specialized in biological engineering, graduated from the National Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology. She is working on the conversion of lignocellulosic biomass to produce bioethanol as a biofuel second generation. She is a researcher scientist belonging of the Laboratory of Microbial Ecology and Technology, LETMi-INSAT-Tunis.

From March to September 2016, she was a research scientist visitor in ENEA “Italian national agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable economic development” at the energy department. She had performed several research stays in European universities, viz.: University of Reims (France); University of Cádiz (Spain); the French institute of fuel IFP-Energies Nouvelles (Paris, France) and the University of Jaén (Spain).

In November 2017, she was certified in terms of negotiation and policy development in the field of the Renewable Energies and Energy Security with Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung foundation. She won the first place in the MENA region in terms of policy paper writing and development (Topic: Waste-to-Energy).

Moreover, she is a reviewer of book proposals and research papers with the publisher “Elsevier” and “Springer”. She is also an expert in reviewing of projects proposals submitted to the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

Research/ Graduation Project in Energy

National Engineer School of Monastir
 + Technical Center of Wood and furnitures Industry

In order to reach the degree of doctor in energetic engineering, the nominee has made very in-depth studies in the field of solar drying and she was able to design a functional protoype of a solar dryer for the heat treatment of the wood. It is thanks to his dedication, his seriousness and his attention to his work.

After a very hard work, the nominee was able to achieve all the objectives of the project. During meetings held periodically, the nominee showed its openness to the criticisms and the advices of its partners. She was also able to convince drying specialists of her choices and decisions whenever it is complicated from a scientific, technical or energetic point of view. This project has also, enabled the nominee to assume responsibility for sizing solar installations and acquire expertise in energy engineering.

Corporate Energy Management


Recently, SITEX invested in a cogeneration unit that allowed us to generate electricity and exploit the heat generated by the engines to generate steam. Then, in application of the decree related to electrical energy transportation we were allowed to transport electricity to our factory in Sousse through the network of the STEG, as well as our water treatment plant waste. This strategy allowed us to cover our energy needs and to sell the surplus to STEG.

We have also optimized our investment by implementing innovative solutions that use hot water from engine cooling in our dyeing processes. We have also exploited this energy for boiler feed water heating which greatly reduces the cost of generating steam. In addition, we had the idea to optimize the combustion for the gas boilers by feeding them with hot air coming from heating batteries connected directly to water recovery. In the same way, we exploited hot water from cogeneration in the sanitary blocks.

We have also developed our own remote boiler management solution to control and optimize boiler performance and detect leaks on all pipes.”

Investment : 6 200 000 DT
Yearly earnings : 2 300 000 DT
National Savings : 2 560 Tep / Year
Government earnings  : 1 000 000 DT / Year
CO2 reduce : 6 360 T/ Year

Energy Project of the year

 Carthage Grains

Cogeneration power plant: This project is a cogeneration power plant composed of a of a GE Jenbacher type 6 gas engine and an Aprovis steam boiler in oder to get electricity (3,356 Kwh) and steam (2,4 T/hr). The steam boiler is powered by the engine exhaust gas to provide steam at 12 bar. In addition, we added one heat exchanger to the engine cooling water circuit in order to get a new product which is hot water at 80 °C. Now we’re working to recuperate the exhaust gas from the boiler outlet in order to heat up the soya beans before starting the process of soya oil extraction.